Seini Draughn - No. 69
Position: Linebacker / Tight End
DOB: November 27, 1982
Hometown: The Tonga

Pro Career 2009: I'm definitely doing it waaaayy biiigggg!!!!!!!!

2008: One of my many great seasons.

I attended SMSU-WP.

Personal: I enjoy watching ports with my husband chilling ith my family, traveling, relaxing, watching good movies, being creative, and having fun. My favorite quotes are"Believe in God, be ready everyday" and "Go hard or go home." I love any kind of music. My favorute athlete is Michael Jordan. My favorite NFL team is the Carolina Panthers.

Well wishes to: My father who is serving in Korea. My love JR who supports me and loves me. Ebony for creating this team so that I can play.